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from relevant airports to heidelberg


The most convenient and closest airport to the venue is Frankfurt Airport (FRA). This is the most sensible choice, especially for intercontinental travellers.


There are however other airports in the vicinity, for example:

  • Frankfurt Hahn Airport (this is not close to Frankfurt!): Ryanair and other low-cost carriers serve this airport. There are direct buses from and to Heidelberg. Note that Ryanair has recently started to fly into FRA too.

  • Stuttgart Airport: This airport serves both low-cost carriers  and traditional airlines. You can reach Heidelberg in under an hour via train. There are most likely also bus connections.

The instructions below are for Frankfurt Airport (FRA)


By bus

The bus is by far the most flexible and affordable way of getting to Heidelberg and costs ~7 Euro per person.


It runs every 20 minutes and takes between 1 hour to 1 hour 20 minutes depending on the coach you catch. The company which operates the service is called Flixbus.


Ticket Options:

  • You can buy the tickets online / via the app (Route: Frankfurt Airport (P36, Terminal 1) to Heidelberg central train station). Note that :

    • You will need an electronic or printed copy of your ticket to board the bus.

    • You can alter/cancel your ticket up to 15 minutes before your planned departure using this method.

  • You can also buy the ticket directly with the driver (the price might be higher though).

Provided you have a valid ticket, the steps to get from the airport to Heidelberg are:

  1. Go to the Flixbus terminal at the airport and to bus stop P36.
    To get there, exit concourse C of Terminal 1 on the arrival level and keep to the right. Check out the walking route. If you arrive at Terminal 2 take the SkyLine to Terminal 1.


  2. Once on the bus, please pay attention to when you reach Heidelberg (the bus is most likely scheduled for further stops down the line). You will want to get off at Heidelberg Hauptbahnhof (Heidelberg Central Station).

  3. From the central station, you can either use further public transportation to reach your destination or a taxi (note that they only take cash). There is a tourist information in front of the train station (marked with a large letter “i”). If you have any issues at all, please call us!​

Note that you could, in principle, also take a train to Heidelberg, but you would have to change either in Mannheim or in Frankfurt City and it is likely to be more expensive.

By shuttle

  1. You can check with your hotel if they provide a shuttle service or if they pool with other hotels to provide a shuttle service. Ensure however that the hotel is not just booking a standard taxi for you (see  taxi section below).

  2. Another option is to order a shuttle mini bus run by the company TLS. A staff member of TLS will pick you up at the airport and take you to Heidelberg (or Dossenheim or Schriesheim or any other place they list in the link below). Note that:

    • This has to be booked at least three days in advanced

    • A one-way ticket costs ~€ 40  to Heidelberg. Other destinations might have a location surcharge (see in the link below).

    • This is a shared service (i.e. shared with other travellers). They also provide private rides at a higher price.

    • Further information is available here

If you require assistance, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

By rental car

This is definitely a convenient way of travelling. A few tips:

  • Make sure that your accommodation has a parking space for you (this can be an issue in downtown Heidelberg).

  • Familiarise yourself with German road rules, since they might be slightly different to the ones of your country of origin.

  • Please be careful on the highway (Autobahn) - there can be very fast and reckless drivers who will approach much quicker than you are potentailly used to and it is easy to misjudge their speed.

By taxi

Don’t do it!!! Taxi prices in Germany are very unreasonable for longer distances. The trip could cost well above €250 so the suggestions we've listed above would be much better options. 

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