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Getting to the venue


By car

There is ample parking space at the wedding venue. You can get the location and map information from here. GPS systems sometimes get the route wrong. You should add "Landesstrasse K4242".

By taxi

Sadly Uber has not yet arrived in Heidelberg and the surrounding areas. Additionally, cabs only accept cash

Heidelberg Taxis:

Schriesheim Taxis:

  • There are several taxi companies which are operating around Schriesheim and they are aware our wedding is happening on that evening. A few of the numbers are listed below:

    • A+N Foum: Based in Schriesheim. The number is 0049 6203 61920.
      They have an 8 seater van available.

    • Taxi-Centrale Glock: Based in neighbouring Ladenburg, but close to the venue. The number is 0049 6203 5959.

    • Taxi Heinle: Based in Heidelberg. They have several 8 seater vans available. The number is 0049 6203 68111

  • Getting home after the wedding - important points:

    • If you have any difficulty booking a taxi, the staff at the wedding speak English, will know of additional operators and can recommend/ book one for you.

    • Please ensure that you have cash to pay the taxis as they unfortunately will not accept cards.

    • If the taxis are particularly busy, they can take up to 40 minutes to arrive. In this case, head to the bar and have another drink while you wait!

    • It would make sense to team up with other guests for rides as quite a few of the taxis can carry up to 8 people.

By tram

You can reach the town where the wedding takes place, Schriesheim, via the tram line No. 5. Note:

  •  If you are coming from Heidelberg, make sure to take the tram which heads towards Weinheim.

  • The stop is Schriesheim Bahnhof.

  • From the stop, it is another 1.5 km by foot. See the walking map. Alternatively you can catch a cab using the companies listed under Schriesheim Taxis above.

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